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The ‘‘Client’’ is, or is acting on behalf of the individual holding a Grant of Representation issued by the Probate Agency.
Anchor Free Full House Clearances, or employees thereof, will be referred to as the ‘‘Service Provider’’ for the remainder of this document
1 An original copy of the Grant of Representation will need to be shown to the ‘Service Provider’ upon instruction Upon instruction
2 The services undertaken by the ‘Service Provider’ are described by the term ‘House Clearance’ which is used to describe the following services, any of which may be used during the process of a House Clearance;
2.1 The removal and disposal of all non hazardous house contents based on the information supplied by the ‘Client’
2.2 The breaking up of contents if they are too big, heavy or awkward to remove from the property in one piece or if such items pose an injury risk to staff or could cause potential damage to the property
3 The ‘Client’ is responsible for providing the ‘‘Service Provider’’ with the following information;
3.1 The full address and postcode of the property concerned During initial query
3.2 Full name of the ‘Client’ During initial query
3.3 Telephone contact number/s of the ‘Client’ During initial query
3.4 The size of the property concerned (i.e. terraced, detached, high rise tower block, nursing home accommodation etc) and the number of bedrooms, reception rooms etc. During initial query
3.5 Full details of any lofts/attics, sheds, garages or outbuildings that require clearance and details of their contents Upon instruction
3.6 Full details of any large, heavy, fragile or awkward pieces of furniture or contents Upon instruction
3.7 Full details of any items which will need unfixing (such as washing machines, dish washers, ovens etc) Upon instruction
3.8 Full details of any fixtures and fittings which need removing (e.g. carpets, curtains etc) Upon instruction
3.9 Full details of parking facilities and property access, including any entrance restrictions Upon instruction
3.10 Full details of any verminous waste products or decaying food
4 The ‘Service Provider’ is unable to remove and dispose of any chemical substances and materials (e.g. paint, fuel etc) due to legislative and insurance restrictions
5 The ‘Service Provider’ can meet any reasonable ‘Client’ requirements for domestic cleaning, painting and decorating and handyman services subject to an agreed fee.
6 The ‘Service Provider’ operates the free full house clearance service within a 25 mile radius of Newcastle, including Durham, Corbridge, Hexham and their surrounding areas. Upon instruction
6.1 As part of the free full house clearance service, the ‘Service Provider’ operates a free key collection service within a 25 mile radius of Newcastle, including Durham, Corbridge, Hexham and their surrounding areas. Upon instruction
7 By signing this document, the ‘Client’ understands that all contents of the property, as being present at the time of the initial site visit undertaken by the ‘Service Provider’ is to be disposed of by the ‘Service Provider’. If there are any exceptions, they need to be written at the bottom of this document and agreed by the ‘‘Service Provider’’. Upon instruction
7.1 If any content items prove to be missing between the time of the initial site visit and the day of the House Clearance, the ‘Service Provider’ reserves the right to charge a fee for their Clearance Services, which will be payable upon completion of the House Clearance.
7.2 The ‘Service Provider’ is unable to return any of the house contents after the clearance process is underway.
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